World-Building Minis - People & Society - Minimal Style


World-Building Minis - People & Society - Minimal Style


The World Building Kit is a handy tool for developing and managing the NPCs within the worlds that you create for your role-playing games!

The World Building Kit Mini - People & Society is a digital download containing both A4 & US letter formats of: 

  • 6 individual form-fillable PDFs that include an NPC list, NPC builder, NPC cards, people & society guide, people & customs guide, and a relationship web.

  • 6 individual JPEGs with the same as above on easy-to-print sheets for those who prefer filling them in by hand over digital methods.
  • A custom-made matching handwritten font to optionally install if you like to fill in the sheets digitally
  • Instructions for installing the font.
  • All files are in both A4 & US Letter format.

See below for a full description of everything included in the pack!

Please note: This is a digital product only, therefore there are no shipping costs, and no physical product will be received. Upon completion of purchase you will be emailed a download link with your chosen product(s)

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People & Society

People & Customs Guide - Explore the core beliefs and mannerisms of your demographics, looking into the culture, phrases and prejudices of a people.

People & Society Guide - Look into what is valued in your world’s society, with prompts on education and medicine, as well as traditions, festivals and resources.

Relationship Web - Figure out the connections between factions in your world, with a simple system of connecting lines.

NPC Builder - Use this page to look at an NPC in depth and develop their character, with topics such as mannerisms, catchphrases, secrets + desires, as well as full space for stats and attacks.

NPC Cards - Small cards for quick reference NPC stats, useful during encounters.

NPC List - For when you’re creating a whole cast of NPCs, or you need a list of random NPCs to be able to draw from, this useful list helps you track them and their basic info, such as race, alignment, occupation + attitude.