I’m seeing strange multiple transactions from your site after purchasing something, what’s going on?

If you had to input your payment info a couple of times, it will be your card issuer’s way of verifying the transaction is safe. When multiple declined transactions are processed, some banks verify the purchase by issuing and then refunding a small charge. You can find more about this here: https://support.stripe.com/questions/why-does-my-customer-see-a-1-charge-when-their-payment-failed  Don’t worry, those charges will be refunded automatically!

My card keeps getting declined but I’ve definitely got the funds in my account

The most common reason for declined card transactions is because the address details (usually the zip code) isn’t matching exactly what your card issuer has on file, and so the issuer is declining the transaction for your security. Double check your details and if you still have trouble, contact your card issuer.

Do you accept USD and other non-British forms of currency?

Yes! We accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Amex, all of which will provide you with their own conversion rates upon purchase. No matter where you are in the world, if you’re able to provide one of these four methods of payment, you can buy everything here.

I purchased the wrong paper size format by mistake

Send me a message with your order number and I’ll see what I can do!