Rogue - Individual Character Sheet Pack


Rogue - Individual Character Sheet Pack


These hand drawn character sheets have been customised to support the Fifth Edition of everyone’s favourite roleplaying game! Individual sheets with class-specific features included and arranged to make playing your favourite class easy and fun.

This rogue individual character sheet pack is a digital download containing: 

  • A PDF file with 4 pages that includes a main character stats sheet, role playing character sheet, spell sheet and additional inventory sheet - all digitally form-fillable and/or ready to print
  • A custom-made matching handwritten font to install for anyone wishing to fill in the sheets digitally
  • Instructions for installing the font and a copy of the OG License.

Please note: This is a digital product only, therefore there are no shipping costs, and no physical product will be received. Upon completion of purchase you will be emailed a download link with your chosen product(s)

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  • A4 size, ready to print and digitally form-fillable
  • Hit dice numbers and saving throw proficiencies ready-filled in for convenience
  • Skills are sorted and laid out by abilities for ease of use
  • Additional inventory sheet included with each pack for those who like to keep a close eye on items and currencies
  • Role-playing character sheet included for extra character details like appearance, backstory, allies, etc.
  • Specialised sections:
    - Thieves tools proficiency box included
    - Roguish Archetype choice box included in features section
    - Track your sneak attack info in the attacks section
    - Special Roguish Archetype spell sheet includes spells stats, spell level slots 1 - 4 and cantrips section, as well as extra space for loot and potions
    - Spellcasting ability ready filled in