Players Potions Cards Set : Printables


Players Potions Cards Set : Printables


This is a digital download of the cards used for the Players Potions sets, for those who want some original potions without the miniature props! Rules are written to be played with everyone's favourite tabletop game.

The digital download contains both US Letter & A4 versions of:

- 4 JPEG files of 8 sets of 3 potions cards (24 cards total)
- 1 JPEG file of 9 blank cards
- A copy of the Open Gaming License

Please note: Envelopes not included.

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The Players Potions Cards Set contains:

The Forest Set

Includes a glittering green Druid’s Salve, perfect for healing over long time periods, the means to grow a forest at will with leaves of Oakshine Extract, and a way to bring the Fay to your side, with flowers picked straight from the Field of the Fay.

1 x Druid’s Salve
1 x Oakshine Extract
1 x Field of the Fay

The Dreams Set

Alter reality and dreams with this colourful set of potions! Contains a bottle of Fickle Flowers, curious turquoise and lilac bloom that cause those who smell them to become detached from reality, Potion of the Dream Weavers, a shimmering white powder that allows you to shape the dreams of others, and the powerful Nocturne Draft, a large flash of glittering teal that allows you to shorten a long rest.

1 x Fickle Flowers
1 x Potion of the Dream Weavers
1 x Nocturne Draft

The Charm Set

A shimmering array of potions to help you charm your way out of (or into!) any situation. The glittering sky blue Vial of Beauty makes creatures and objects desirable, the cheeky pink Flirtation Tincture gives advantage on charisma checks, and the iridescent contents of the large Flask of Grand Persuasion fills the room with an air of agreement and suggestion….

1 x Vial of Beauty
1 x Flirtation Tincture
1 x Flask of Grand Persuasion

The Heart Set

For matters of live and love, look no further than the Heart Set! The pale lilac Vapour of Everlasting preserves objects eternally, the delicate pink flowers are Love Blossoms, rendering those nearby unable to attack, and the grand magenta-hued Elixir of Life revives and restores those who may have otherwise perished.

1 x Vapor of Everlasting
1 x Love Blossoms
1 x Elixir of Life

The Luck Set

For those looking for good fortune and fate, the Luck Set is your friend! Containing a precious vial of golden Oil of Fortune, to bring perceived value to ordinary objects, an amber bottle of Threadsbane Sprigs, to bend fate to your will, and a small bottle of Goodstones, wonderful glowing rocks that give you luck all day long.

1 x Oil of Fortune
1 x Threadsbane Sprigs
1 x Goodstones

The Mana Set

For serious spellcasters, the Mana Set will aid you in matters of magic! The glittering blue Mana Fountain potion quickly restores spell slots, the seemingly bottled snow labelled Liquid Frost gives all of your magic a frosty element to it, and The Potion of Deep Magic allows you one spell slot of any a price!

1 x Liquid Frost
1 x Potion of Deep Magic
1 x Mana Fountain

The Night Set

A darkly mysterious collection of potions, the Night Set comes with a bottle of Midnight Stones, a fast way to spread magical darkness, The Potion of Greater Hiding conceals anyone within the poured boundaries, and The Flask of the Night Sky allows a player to bottle up the night right inside the glass!

1 x Flask of the Night Sky
1 x Midnight Stones
1 x Potion of Greater Hiding

The Mischief Set

Inject some mischief and mayhem into the adventure with these potions! From Bravado Brew, the potion that makes you unwisely brave, to the Lust Stones that make anyone who touches them flirty, to the Nightmare Oil, which makes any creature suffer from terrible nightmares and deprives them of a long rest. This set isn't for the faint of heart, and is sure to cause mischief however the potions are used!

1 x Bravado Brew
1 x Lust Stones
1 x Nightmare Oil